Workshop in Kecskemet, 16.-20. April 2012


ICS YardMany potters like wood firing because of the very livingly and natural surfaces, that sometimes look like paintings made by flames, so that the ready piece is a record of the whole making process including the firing. And for some potters it is still a dream to make such objects, but it seems to be too much effort, smoke and work. I talked about the technical foundations to achieve those effects without firing an anagama for some days. I used Masakazu Kusakabes "Smokeless Kiln" at the ICS and explained Steve Harrisons approach of "Laid Back Wood Firing": "Laid back wood firing, start in the morning, finish in the night, go to bed on the same day that you got up. Live a normal live, make beautiful objects and enjoy your firing. This is even possible in the city, so little smoke and emissions are developing".

So we fired the kiln for only 17 hours - with fantastic results!

I gave technical informations about clays, glazes, packing and firing as well as about kiln design and kiln building. Five very intense days - with a laid back wood firing in the middle.

Steve Mattison made a comment about the workshop and published also some pictures at the ICSHU Newsletter.


Many thanks to Thomas Aitken for most of the pictures!


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