Smokeless Woodfiring With Masakazu Kusakabe

Preview from the summer 2011: 

Smokeless Firing...

Freshly thrown Tea Bowls by KusakabeWorkshop with Masakazu Kusakabe July, 25th to 31st, 2011

A workshop for all who are interested in the koncept of the »smokeless kiln« as well as in Japanese ceramics, or who like to get to know one of the authors of the book »Woodfiring - the secrets of the Japanese Masters«. Or for those who would like to spend a laid back weekend in a dreamlike lanscape between two lakes and - beneath that - would like to fire a wood kiln. Time for many talks, videos, kiln building sketches and stories about Japan and the world.
Everybody who experienced Masakazu Kusakabe at the woodfire conference in Broellin will remember him as someone who likes to give: his wonderful Japanese paintings, Tea (within his own »casual« tea-ceremony), or his extensive knowledge about Japanese wood firing. Further informations are available from his website:












Smokeless Workshop - Masakazu Kusakabe

Masakazu Kusakabe Workshop in Alt Gaarz im Sommer 2011 Rauchloser Ofen

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