Workshop with Judith Duff (USA) August 2013

Judith Duff will give a Workshop at Alt Gaarz from the 12th to 18th of August 2013. She is internationally known for her wood fired vessels and her beautifil shino glazes as well as for her wonderful workshops.


Here we will be glazing, packing, firing and opening the kiln together. Judith Duff will demonstrate a combination of wheel thrown and slab construction to produce organic forms of irregular shape and texture. Participants will learn Judith's approach for throwing and altering a wide variety of forms.  Judith will demonstrate throwing pieces in sections, techniques for hand trimming, and various methods for texturing surfaces.
She will include tea bowls, chawans, handled baskets, square and triangle vases, teapots, oval forms, trays, and bottles. Judith will also discuss her training in biology and painting, the beginnings of her career as a studio artist, and her frequent travels to work and teach in Japan. Participants will learn to impart character to their work with altering techniques such as faceting, fluting, incising, and adding deliberate
anomalies. Judith will address considerations important to her such as line quality, imagery, texture, and composition. She will discuss her interest in architectural influences in functional pottery, and demonstrate tactics for pursuing this.

Judith will discuss her extensive research into Japanese Shino glazes and clays.  Participants will gain an understanding of the different finish effects and firing practices for the kilns Judith uses -- including a wood-fired anagama kiln, a wood-fired train kiln, and a Japanese shino
reduction kiln.

Cost: Approximately EUR 350,- (without accommodation and meals)


Booking at kalkspatz e.V.  (The German potters Association): 

Günter Haltmayer, (speaks English) (ca. April)


Judith wrote an article for the kalkspatz potters magazine "Toepferblatt". This is the Link to the article.

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